Chamber Music strings and piano

Masterclass for Accompanists

There will be a ‘Masterclass’ session at 11.15am each day, in which John Reid will discuss at least one item of the core repertoire. All students are expected to attend these masterclasses, with those who have worked on the piece being explored being invited to play. For the remainder of the sessions each class member will be given timetabled slots with John; it is suggested that you attend at least some of these during the week as there is much to be gained from hearing other musicians rehearsing familiar material. Jennie Lee-Foster (Violin and Viola) and Nicola Pearce (Cello) will be available for all class sessions. Rachel Gautry (Flute) and Rachael Gibbon (Clarinet) will be available for at least one and often two sessions daily. There will also be a timetabled Masterclass session later in the week on the Schumann piano quartet to include Lucy-Anne Allen (Violin).

All class members should familiarise themselves with the core repertoire shown below, and should preferably have scores of these pieces. At least two should have been studied in depth. Other pieces can be chosen: a) from the core repertoire b) from other pieces suggested by the class instrumentalists which will appear on the class website at c) from your repertoire that you have organised with other CSSM players/singers privately or through the website. It is the responsibility of the class member to arrange for their playing/singing partner to be available. Members of the Art of Singing course can easily be fitted in as they work to a specific personal timetable. 
(From the brochure:)

Soloists who would like to work with accompanists should where possible include the publishers of pieces they wish to work on,  and should bring two copies with them to the school.  A link to IMSLP where appropriate, or a link to a shop where the piece may be purchased, would also be very helpful.


To make suggestions for the website please email us. To contact others who have already made suggestions on the website use the same email address and we will pass on your note. Please remember that this is most effective when done as early as possible. It cannot be guaranteed that others will take up these suggestions. We can accept applications for the class at any time, but if you wish to get in touch with instrumentalists/singers it is wise to apply by the end of April. Suggestions for chamber music with other CSSM students in free sessions can also be made through the website (or during the week of the course through the notice board and personal contact).                                    



Student suggested repertoire for 2019

Mark Lowe suggests: 
CELLO - Faure ‘elegie, romance serenade’, Max Bruch ‘Four pieces’ op70, Rubbra ‘Sonata in G minor’. 
CLARINET - Sonatas by Stanford and Howells. 
FLUTE - Haydn ‘Flute trio no 3 HOB XV 17 in F Major’ ; Debussy “Nuits D’Etoiles’ songs arranged for flute and piano published Theodore Presser Co USA. 

Repertoire suggestions

from class instrumentalists, course members and others

Vocal Ensembles for Sally Burgess' Class

Vocal Repertoire for Accompanists 2019


Instrumental Repertoire for Accompanists 2019